Specialized in: Soft Tissue Release, Injury Rehabilitation, and Return to Sport Protocol for Athletes.

Experience: Mont-Tremblant IronMan 70.3 Triathlon (2013), Montreal ITF Junior World Ranking Tennis Tournament (2013), Hamilton ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships (2015), Toronto Pan Am Games (2015), Ste. Catharine IIHF U18 Women’s World Hockey Championships (2015), Concordia University Rugby, Rugby Quebec, Lakeshore AAA Soccer, The Hill Academy Lacrosse, Junior Toronto Aeros AA Girls Hockey, Woodbridge League 1 Soccer.

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R.Kin CAT(C), BSc

Rebecca is a Certified Athletic Therapist and is currently continuing her studies to become an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner. Always active, Rebecca experienced many injuries throughout her life playing soccer, hockey and rugby, and it was these experiences that led Rebecca to pursue a career dedicated to helping athletes overcome injury. Continuously learning, Rebecca enjoys working alongside health practitioners of different educational backgrounds and skill sets to increase her assessment and treatment techniques. She believes that by staying current with new concepts in various fields of discipline she can provide the best possible treatment to her patients.

Understanding why injury has occurred is paramount to Rebecca’s approach to injury, and she believes that in order to reduce symptoms you first need to identify and treat the cause. By seeking to evaluate and correct the overall body mechanics the risk of re-injury is reduced.

“Rehabilitation is team work. I will do everything I can with my hands to get you back to your normality while having you work on specific exercises when you are not at the clinic. In the end, we are working together to help you eliminate the problems¬†that brought you in.”

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